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Online Spanish, Portuguese, French and English.
Learn a language online with Lima Linguas Online Language School.
Learn a tongue to get ahead!
Our classes are fun, engaging and effective. Classes are held online in virtual classrooms.
Don't put off Spanish classes too long, the Mayans may have miscalculated.
Study Portuguese in private classes, moving at your own speed.
Online French!
Oscar Wilde wrote that "When good Americans die, they go to Paris." So you'd better put 'learn French' on your bucket list.
Learn English Online!
If love is the universal language, English runs a close second. Learn English online from professional, experienced teachers.
You can have class anywhere you have an Internet connection: home, the office, hotel rooms, even from your smartphone.

Lima Linguas: Online Language School

Online Spanish, Portuguese, French and English Classes in state-of-the-art virtual classrooms.

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Study a language online in one-on-one classes with live, professional teachers in online virtual classrooms.


LL_ICON_TRANSPARENT   Live one-on-one classes in state-of-the-art online classrooms.

LL_ICON_TRANSPARENT   Virtual Campus where you can watch prior classes and participate in forums, group classes and workshops.

LL_ICON_TRANSPARENT   Computer programs and CDs teach you phrases, we will make you fluent

LL_ICON_TRANSPARENT   We have taught thousands of class hours in our four years teaching languages online.

LL_ICON_TRANSPARENT   Focus is on interaction and communication rather than repetition and memorization, which makes class fun and engaging.

LL_ICON_TRANSPARENT   Our teachers are all professional teachers, have advanced degrees and years of experience.

Learning languages at an online language school is not only convenient, it is the most effective way to learn a language. All classes are one on one, so the entire class is focused on you.  The live video allows real interpersonal communication, which is important since our methodology focuses on conversation and interaction. We are able to take advantage of the endless multimedia resources the world wide web has to offer, which make our classes fun and dynamic.

To see details about the languages we teach and the prices, visit the Languages page or select a language above. To hear hip new music in the languages that we teach and to learn the meaning of life check out the FAQs. When you are ready, Contact us to schedule your free no-obligation orientation, assessment and demo class.

“…Thanks to my preparation, I never encountered a situation in Brazil where I was unable to communicate with someone…Everyone kept asking me who taught me Portuguese, and what I used to study, They thought I communicated at a much higher level than someone who had only been studying for a month in their spare time…The ability of Janett and her tutors to customize my program was absolutely critical to my learning effectively. While my initial goal in working with Janett was to prepare for my trip, I was so pleased with both her and her tutors that I decided to continue learning Portuguese with them on a long-term basis. My present goal is to become fluent in the language…”

-J. Johnnie, Engineer 



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