Who we are

Hi! My name is Janett Lima. Welcome to my School!

At Lima Linguas, we offer four languages and have nine teachers. Our teachers are all native speakers of the languages they teach, and have excellent credentials and experience (see below for profiles of our instructors). All of our classes are live and one-on-one. We use virtual classrooms in which to hold class, which has many advantages over Skype or other video conferencing software.

My hiring pool spans the entire globe, so I am able to be extremely selective in who I hire. For all of the technology we use in our classes, the most important part of the class is the teacher and the teaching. That is one thing that will never change.  My teachers use the methodology that I used throughout my career as a foreign language educator, called the communicative approach. It uses interaction, rather than repetition, so students develop fluency and a naturalness while learning grammar, vocabulary and usage without even realizing it. Classes are vastly more fun this way and you learn to communicate fluently in a surprisingly brief period of time.

I have been a language teacher my entire career. I was a linguistic supervisor at a language school in my native Brazil for many years, and then after moving to the United States I taught at language schools in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. After dealing with the exhausting and time-consuming commute through Los Angeles traffic, as well as the inconvenient class times and locations, I stopped teaching in language schools and began to teach students over Skype. Skype served as a functional platform for teaching that really allowed interpersonal communication, but was somewhat deficient compared to a real-world classroom. I also missed the community of a language school that not only was fun, but aided the students’ education by allowing them to learn and study collaboratively.

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Online tutoring companies were proliferating across the Internet, but there weren’t any language schools that offered the same experience and advantages of a real world language school. They all just referred the students to online tutors, most of whom didn’t even appear to be teachers. I have an advanced degree in applied linguistics, I have studied language acquisition theory and hold a Bachelor’s in the teaching of foreign languages. I have many years of experience managing, supervising and teaching at language schools. So I know that it takes much more than knowledge of a language to be able to teach a language, and there is no reason why people should not have access to the quality of professional educators that exist in real-world language schools, but not online.

So I started Lima Linguas. We offer the highest caliber teachers we can find, equip them with methodology that effectively teaches the language without making class a boring chore. Our online classrooms allow us to really teach while introducing resources only found online. Our online campus allow us to develop a sense of community and a real-world language school environment. We are not a collection of independent tutors, nor are we a piece of software or a DVD.

Come join us and our community of teachers and language learners! Make yourself at home on our site. You can read about our methodology, see details about our campus and classrooms, and read details about our program, even hear some new music. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me using our form on the contact us page, by email or give me a call on the phone. Allow me to introduce our greatest resource: our teachers!

Our teachers:

Lucia Penalba : Spanish Teacher

Lucia Penalba

Spanish Teacher

Spanish teacher, Lucia Penalba is Spanish and lives in Barcelona, Spain. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology with a focus on linguistics. She worked as a research assistant at Universidad Ramon Llull (Barcelona). She is a certified teacher and has been teaching languages for 6 years to both native and non-native speakers. She is passionate about all forms of human communication; her love for dance has allowed her to travel the world as a professional ballroom dancer. Her students read novels in Spanish, learn while doing real world activities in their home, and really love their classes. She is smart, friendly and a truly exceptional teacher.

Luciana Donato : Spanish Teacher

Luciana Donato

Spanish Teacher

Luciana Donato is Argentinian and lives in Buenos Aires. She has a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and a Master's in Spanish Language Acquisition, both from the University of Maryland in the US. She has a certificate in English from a College in Maryland as well. She has been teaching Spanish for 20 years and has taught Spanish in Maryland, USA, Salamanca, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Luciana has a great personality, she is an enthusiastic and skillful teacher and her classes are fun and dynamic.

Marie Levere : French Teacher

Marie Levere

French Teacher

Marie Levere has a Bachelor's in Literature from a French University, a Bachelor's degree in History from a Spanish University in Barcelona, a Master's in Cinema from the Sorbonne in Paris, and a Master's in Linguistics from a University in Montpellier, France. So she is both well educated and well travelled. She speaks French, Spanish, English and German. She has taught French for four years both in schools and online. She is an interesting person and excellent teacher.

Catherine Leconte : French Teacher

Catherine Leconte

French Teacher

Catherine is French, was born and raised in paris, and currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Second Language Teaching and is working towards her Master's in Linguistics. She is a grader for the French DELF/DALF exam given in France. Catherine has taught French as a second language for over ten years, and volunteered as a French teacher in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. Catherine is cool, laid-back and friendly. She is also an experienced, knowledgable teacher. Because she has lived in both countries, she is equally adept at teaching Canadian French and French from France.

Aline Evers : Portuguese Teacher

Aline Evers

Portuguese Teacher

Aline Evers has a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages, a Master’s Degree in Lexicology and is working towards a Phd in Lexicology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul,  Brazil.  She has taught Portuguese for foreigners since 2010. Aline is also an Examiner of the Celpe-Bras Exam (the Brazilian Ministry of Education's official exam for Portuguese language proficiency). Aline is passionate about words and dictionaries and loves movies and popular culture, which she often integrates into her Portuguese classes. Aline devotes a great amount of time and energy into her preparation and it shows in her classes. Though she is a perfectionist with her subject area, she is a kind and friendly teacher. Aline's classes are dynamic and fun, while at the same time, thorough and detailed.  She knows her stuff and it shows.

Myrtes Folegatti : Portuguese Teacher

Myrtes Folegatti

Portuguese Teacher

Myrtes Folegatti, holds a PhD in Brazilian Literature and a post-graduate degree in Portuguese for Foreigners at PUC, a major Brazilian University in Rio de Janeiro. She works as aProfessor of Reading Strategies at PUC as well. She is a Member of the Association for Teachers of Portuguese as a Foreign Language in Rio. Myrtes also teaches high school drama and is a lover of the arts.  She incorporates aspects of these interests into the classes she prepares. Myrtes is wonderful teacher. She teaches some of our most advanced students and can teach very advanced material in a fun, easy-going Carioca way.

Gilvan Silva : Portuguese Teacher

Gilvan Silva

Portuguese Teacher

Gilvan Silva de Oliveira has a degree in Portuguese and English Teaching, as well as an Advanced degree in Translation, from UECE (State University of Ceará). He is also certified as a tour guide by CEFET (Federal Center of Technical Education). Gilvan truly believes that language is interconnected to culture, a principle that guides his teaching practice, which is why he endeavors to include art in all of his courses.  Gilvan is an extremely experienced teacher and teaches with patience and warmth.

Kristy Hamilton : English Teacher

Kristy Hamilton

English Teacher

Kristy Hamilton is American, has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from a university in Florida, USA, a Master’s degree in Cognition and Culture from a University in the UK, and a certificate in ESL from a University in Canada.  Kristy is a bright and enthusiastic teacher. She worked as a Graduate researcher while in school, and has taught English as a Second Language for 3 years.  She currently lives in Italy, where she teaches English as a Second Language in schools and online.

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