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All classes are conducted in virtual classrooms. The teacher appears by video throughout the class and uses the virtual whiteboards to give lessons and review assignments. The virtual classrooms allow the teachers to implement videos, texts, music and internet web sites in their classes. Students are given a password upon registration which logs them into our virtual campus.  Here, students can enter their class, view prior class videos, read school news and notices, participate in forums and group events, and pick up and drop off assignments.  It is not necessary to download any programs or enroll in any services, even Skype.  You need only log into the virtual campus and then enter the classroom.  The virtual classrooms can operate on tablets, PCs and Macs.

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Teachers can open multiple whiteboards, like tabs on an internet browser, and can upload pre-prepared material, create new material, or use one of the many multimedia resources available.  The online classrooms are a tool that allow us to more easily give classes that are both entertaining and effective; the virtual campus helps us to create a community of learners and instructors learning collaboratively.  However, the technology is only a tool. What makes us special is our methodology, our language programs, and our teachers.

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Our language programs are made up of 6 levels.  All students are assessed before they are placed, so students will begin at a point determined by their experience and ability.  All classes are customized for each student, so though we have lesson plans and curricula, each student’s journey will be unique.  Our methodology is based on interaction, not memorization.  Please see Why Choose Us for more on our methodology and program.  See Faculty to read my bio and to read about our team and about our hiring criteria.

Contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation demo class and assessment, or visit the languages page to see prices and information about specific languages.


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Periodically our instructors host language cafes, where students can participate in a video chat with other students and a guest native speaker. All participants in group chats appear on video.



Janett is my fourth Portuguese teacher and by far my favorite.  She is very personable and thorough, her experience is evident by the various learning methods she incorporates into her teaching. I am a physician and plan to spend time working in Brazil and her expertise in helping me understand the nuances of the language and the Braziilan culture has been invaluable.


Ansou, Physician

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