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I began online classes with Janett six months before moving to Brazil.  Having previously studied Spanish, I had been able to learn some basic Portuguese on my own; however, Janett’s classes allowed me to finally develop a deeper understanding of Portuguese grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  She did an amazing job tailoring the courses to my individual learning style as well as the fast pace at which I needed to learn.  On top of that, Janett’s wealth of cultural knowledge greatly added to my language learning experience in addition to preparing me to live in a new culture.  Once I arrived in Brazil I was able to speak fluently and quite proficiently, while even making use of idiomatic expressions that Brazilians didn’t expect an American to understand.  Now, when I receive compliments on my Portuguese from Brazilian friends, colleagues and strangers, I know that I have Janett to thank.

Thomas Elliot, Asst Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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