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Learn PortugueseStudying languages can be tedious and boring, involving lots of memorization and repetition.  Our methodology is based on interaction and communication, so classes are engaging and fun as well as effective.  You will learn Portuguese grammar, vocabulary and usage, but in communicative and task based activities, not through boring and inefficient lectures or by turning the pages of a language text book.  Our online Portuguese classes are customized for each student.  All students study Portuguese online at their own pace, in the way that they learn best.  Most online language schools make you fit into their program, we fit our program around you.

Virtual Classroom and Online Campus

Classes are held in virtual classrooms, which are located in our virtual campus.  The virtual classrooms are equipped with virtual whiteboards, tools, and multimedia resources. Our teachers use the virtual whiteboards in the classrooms to present the lesson, but the technology is a tool to enhance and enrich the learning experience. Our team of professional Portuguese teachers tailor each class for every lesson. The instructor will not lecture, read power point slides, or have you repeat phrases without context.

CDs and computer programs don’t really teach you how to learn Portuguese, they teach you phrases.  Learn Portuguese online and speak Portuguese like a native Portuguese speaker.

Our Portuguese Teachers

Many schools refer students to independent Portuguese tutors who are often not professional teachers and are un-vetted and untrained. We have a team of highly educated, credentialed and experienced professional teachers who work and teach together as a team.  Our hiring pool extends across the globe, so we are able to be extremely selective and hire only those who fit our high standards and who have great personalities and positive attitudes. Most students rotate Portuguese teachers as they progress through the levels so that they can experience different accents, regionalisms and teaching styles. The teachers meet regularly to discuss students’ progress, exchange material, and to continually train in our methodology.

Once matriculated, all students are given credential that provides access to our online campus.  Once logged in, students enter a private area where they can enter a classroom if they have a scheduled class, view videos of past classes, submit and receive and assignments.  We believe that private classes are an efficient way to learn Portuguese fast, but learning collaboratively makes language learning richer and more motivational.  This is why we encourage all students to take part in the forums, free group workshops, and conversation groups we offer within the online campus.

Read  About Us to see the teacher profiles. 

Our Portuguese Classes

Other online language schools teach with an antiquated methodology based on memorization, lectures and repetition.  We use interactive and task based activities to teach grammar and vocabulary, this way the students learn the nuts and bolts while gaining fluency and confidence interacting in Portuguese.  It is not only a more effective method to learn Portuguese, it is also vastly more enjoyable.

Portuguese is the language of Brazil, Portugal, and Angola, among other countries spanning from Africa to Southeast Asia. The Portuguese language is the second most widely spoken Romance language, second only to Spanish.  Due to the size of Brazil, the Portuguese language is the most commonly spoken language in South America.

Brazil is on pace to become one of the world’s largest economies; it is already the 6th largest economy, ahead of the UK, Italy and South Korea. Learning Portuguese might be come essential for those doing business in Latin America.

In 2014 Brazil will host the World Cup, and in 2016, the Olympics.  We have taught shortened Portuguese courses aimed at students wishing to travel to Brazil or Portugal, and have had tremendous success.  We have a special curriculum designed for students wishing to learn Portuguese in order to travel to see the World Cup in Brazil and the Summer Olympics.  Few Brazilians in the service sector speak English, so learning Portuguese online, and even while there, can make the trip easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Music in Portuguese is always en vogue internationally. Cape Verdian Cesaria Evora sings in Portuguese, as do musicians Seu Jorge, Ceu, and Bebel Gilberto.  Brazilian music, like Brazilian culture in general, is undeniably cool.

Our Portuguese teachers hail from different parts of Brazil, thus exposing our students to a variety of PortPortuguese lessons 2uguese accents.  Our online Portuguese classes use original classroom materials developed over a number of years.  It is not required that students buy a Portuguese lesson book for class, however we could recommend one if the student wants supplementary material for self-study.  All of our online Portuguese lessons are custom designed.

Online Portuguese classes are a convenient solution for businesses who would like their employees to be able to take classes from their office.  Our business classes can be held either as one on one sessions, or group online classes that can have students from the same worksites, or worksites all over the world.  Online Portuguese classes make an ideal business solution.


All of our online Portuguese classes are one-on-one and customized to each student’s learning style and experience level.  We feel that private Portuguese classes are the most effective and efficient way to learn Portuguese. Our students who complete the program become truly fluent in Portuguese. Students who take private classes take far fewer classes and learn the language better, so though private Portuguese lessons can be more expensive than group classes in the short term, in the long term they are the better value.

Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation introductory class in one of our virtual classrooms where I will introduce myself and our school, assess your level and give a sample class. Portuguese classes can be purchased below, however it is not necessary to purchase online classes before scheduling a free introductory class.

Classes Price per Class Total Price Purchase
15 $30 $450
10 $32 $320
5 $34 $170
1 $35 $35

Visit our Why page to learn more about our teaching methodology and how our online Portuguese classes are conducted.

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