Online French Classes

One-on-one online French classes taught in virtual classrooms.

Learn French Online!

Take one-on-one customized online French lessons in virtual classrooms given by live, professional, experienced teachers. Learn French Online French is a UN language and the language used in many International organizations.  It is the official language in 29 countries, and is a native language in countries on every continent except Antarctica. French is a fun language to study, and learning French online is the most convenient and effective way to learn French.  French literature, film and music make amazing resources to both learn the language and also to learn about French culture as well.  Online French lessons can transport you to France in a way that in-person classes cannot.  Learning French online is a fun, immersive experience.

Our French Classes

Our methodology is based on communication and interaction, so you will be speaking French from the first lesson on. More traditional methodologies focus on repetition and memorization, which is not only a boring way to spend your French lesson, it is an inefficient way to learn.  In our online French classes, you learn vocabulary and grammar in communicative and task based exercises, rather than boring drills. This way, you learn the technical aspects of the language, while having fun in interactive and engaging classes. Since you speak French from the beginning, you become comfortable communicating and interacting in French as you progress. Our instructors do not lecture, read power point slides, or have you repeat phrases without context. Our online French classes are fun and will make you truly fluent if you stick with the program.

Read About Us to see the teacher profiles. 

Our Online Classrooms and Virtual Campus

Learn French Online The online classrooms are held in virtual classrooms, which are equipped with live video, a virtual whiteboard, and a near infinite supply of online resources. Students enter the classroom by logging in to the virtual campus. In addition to the classes, students can watch videos of their past classes, submit and collect assignments, participate in group activities, workshops and forums. Though the French classes are all one-on-one, the virtual campus creates a sense of community.  See the How page for more.

French for Business or Pleasure

Online French classes are a convenient solution for businesses who would like their employees to be able to take classes from their office.  Our business classes can be held either as one on one sessions, or group online classes that can have students from the same worksites, or worksites all over the world.  Online French classes make an ideal business solution.

Learning French makes your vacations to French speaking countries more rewarding. You can speak with whomever, and travel wherever you please independently. Learn french online with Lima Linguas.  Our online French lessons will have you speaking French fluently!


Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation introductory class in one of our virtual classrooms, where I will introduce myself and our school, assess your level and give a sample class. French classes can be purchased below, however it is not necessary to purchase online classes before scheduling a free introductory class.

Classes Price per Class Total Price Purchase
15 $30 $450
10 $32 $320
5 $34 $170
1 $35 $35


Visit our Why page to learn m0re about our teaching methodology and how our online Portuguese classes are conducted.

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