In July 2013, I traveled to Rio de Janiero for Journada Mundial Juventude(JMJ), aka World Youth Day. I only made the decision to go about  a month beforehand, and I did not know any Portuguese. Because I was traveling solo, I had to take a crash course in survival Portuguese. I paired Pimsleur Portuguese level 1 audio with online 1 hr sessions from Janett Lima’s tutors 3x / week. I was quite impressed with the results. After about a month of study, I was able to interact with pretty much anyone I encountered in Brazil (albeit at a relatively slow pace). I was able to carry on conversations in Portuguese with taxi drivers, introduce myself to locals, handle high stress situations with police and military personnel, ask for and follow directions, order meals, even haggle with vendors! The confidence that came from knowing the language, even at a basic level, resulted in a much more enjoyable experience for me. Thanks to my preparation, I never encountered a situation in Brazil where I was unable to communicate with someone. Four weeks of language study is not enough time for a person to become fluent, but it turns out to be just enough time to learn to communicate independently. Everyone kept asking me who taught me Portuguese, and what I used to study, They thought I communicated at a much higher level than someone who had only been studying for a month in their spare time. Janett was a great teacher, b/c she recognized my needs, and focused my efforts on the language skills that were most relevant to my trip, thereby making the best use of my time. If I had tried to teach myself out of a standard book, software program, or curriculum, I would not have had the same level of success. The ability of Janett and her tutors to customize my program was absolutely critical to my learning effectively. While my intial goal in working with Janett was to prepare for my trip, I was so pleased with both her and her tutors that I decided to continue learning Portuguese with them on a long-term basis. My present goal is to become fluent in the language. I’d be happy to answer any additional questions from prospective students. You can obtain my contact info from Janett.

J. Johnnie, Engineer

Janett is my fourth Portuguese teacher and by far my favorite.  She is very personable and thorough, her experience is evident by the various learning methods she incorporates into her teaching. I am a physician and plan to spend time working in Brazil and her expertise in helping me understand the nuances of the language and the Braziilan culture has been invaluable.


Ansou, Physician

I began online classes with Janett six months before moving to Brazil.  Having previously studied Spanish, I had been able to learn some basic Portuguese on my own; however, Janett’s classes allowed me to finally develop a deeper understanding of Portuguese grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  She did an amazing job tailoring the courses to my individual learning style as well as the fast pace at which I needed to learn.  On top of that, Janett’s wealth of cultural knowledge greatly added to my language learning experience in addition to preparing me to live in a new culture.  Once I arrived in Brazil I was able to speak fluently and quite proficiently, while even making use of idiomatic expressions that Brazilians didn’t expect an American to understand.  Now, when I receive compliments on my Portuguese from Brazilian friends, colleagues and strangers, I know that I have Janett to thank.

Thomas Elliot, Asst Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Estou muito satisfeita com o curso da [Lima Linguas], as aulas são preparadas de acordo com o meu nível de conhecimento da língua inglesa. Os conteúdos apresentados por ela são diversificados, com isso além do desenvolvimento de uma nova língua, insere uma nova cultura. Um método de aulas que já me trouxe excelentes resultados.

Simone Capovilla,

Janett is an amazing Portuguese teacher! Not only did she give fun and engaging classes, she also incorporated a lot of information on Brazilian culture as well. She was very flexible with my schedule and personalized our classes together to fit all my personal needs for learning the language and tools that helped me learn in the most efficient way possible. Agora, eu falo português bem. Viajo muito sem problemas com a língua e para mim isso é bastante!


Kelly G., Fashion Designer

I’ve had two other…teachers who charged more and delivered far less than Janett. She always creates interesting lessons that are useful, meaningful, and provide important cultural information. She is great!

Lela R., Educator


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