Why Choose Us?

shutterstock_130809620Language classes should be something you look forward to, not suffer through.   Our methodology focuses on conversation and fluency, not memorization and repetition. This is not only a superior way to learn, it is also vastly more entertaining.  Our classes are effective and our class time is used efficiently, yet classes are also fun, engaging and personal. Each lesson is uniquely tailored for every student, we do not merely turn pages in a book or read prepared power point slides.

I personally develop each student’s unique curriculum based on their goals, experience, ability, learning style and level of interest. All students have different abilities and different needs and expectations. Some students might choose to have class more frequently, others less so. Many students want homework, others do not have the time or the desire to put in outside work. Some students learn by studying content that interests them like music, many others learn for business and so we focus their class content on that.  For some students learning a language comes easily, for many others it requires hard work and patience. We keep to a general lesson plan for all students so that everyone can attain the proficiency to move forward through the levels, however each class is customized and individually prepared. Though the objectives for each level are fixed, each student’s journey will be unique, most students will learn at a different pace, and the class content and teaching approach will be adjusted and customized to match each individual student.

Our program consists of 6 levels, the parameters of which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF), a universal norm for language competence and progress (see the FAQ page for a more detailed breakdown of each level.) Though classes are unique, all students will achieve the same linguistic skills and progress through the same levels.  Some students wish to continue their studies even after completing all 6 levels and attaining fluency.  Some work on accent reduction, others prepare for proficiency exams, and still others pursue interests in humanities, like music and literature in their language of study, a request we are always enthusiastic to honor.

All classes are held in one of our virtual classrooms, equipped with interactive white boards, video chat, and full shared-multimedia capability. To read more about our virtual campus and our online classrooms please visit the How and What page.

Our teachers are personable, friendly, and dynamic.  We only hire teachers who have a minimum of a University degree in their language, linguistics or a related field, and who are experienced, professional language teachers.  See the About Us page to see our teacher profiles and to learn why it’s best not to learn to speak a foreign language from an accountant.


A word about my methodology:


Many of my students come to me after unsuccessful attempts at learning language through videos, CDs and books that only focus on grammar aspects and repetition of vocabulary. This methodology is usually boring and almost always ineffective because learners need real interaction in order to learn a language properly. In my classes we will study the formal aspects of grammar and vocabulary incorporated into real-life situations. My teaching focuses more on the use of the language rather than the usage, making practice a priority instead of memorization. The most effective methodology also happens to be the most fun.


All students learn in different ways and come to us with different levels of linguistic and life experiences.  I have been trained in a wide variety of teaching methodologies and adjust the language lessons depending on each students unique learning style. Our default methodology is the communicative approach, however some students might benefit from different methodologies interspersed in their lessons for a variety of purposes.  For example, older students might need more practice and work remembering vocabulary, so we might mix in some audiolingualism which focuses more on memorization and repetition. Though this common methodology is ineffective for most students in most circumstances, it can be mixed in to attain specific goals for some students.

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